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Biographical Notes - Cristiano Alberghini




Cristiano Alberghini
Graduated in Composition, Choir Music, Choir Conduction, Organ and Organ composition in Italy.
As a student he began his musical career, and soon won 2 scholarships with 2 compositions performed by the orchestra of the Conservatory of Bologna where he studied.

After his academic years in 2005 he gets a special diploma released by the Foundation “Irina Arkhipova” of the Moscow state, Russia for the music composed and orchestrated at the Culture Festival between the two Ministries of foreign Affairs of Italy and Russia; ; Musical compositions were performed with the Symphonic Orchestra of Mosfilm.

Also in 2005 he began a collaboration is still active with the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra of Szeged composing, arranging and orchestrating their composition and composition of other composers for the theater shows.

He has written several soundtracks for film and TV production company "Kamel Film" in Iitaly with whom he still collaborates.

Currently collaborating with the German composer of soundtracks Gary Marlowe, "Oblivion" (a famous Italian theater company) and Federico Bellone, Artistic Director for Italy of Stage Entertainment, with whom he wrote Musical "Titanic" performed in italian theaters from autumn 2012.

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