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Christmas Cantata

Healing the Planet



"The Word was made Flesh"

Gemengd Koor

for Flute (doubling Treble Recorder),

for trumpet in C, Percussion, Soprano,

Percussion, Male Speaker, Choir (SATB)

Tenor and Bass soloists, Choir (SATB)

arr. Luc Jakobs

(with soprano solo from choir) & Organ

and Organ


Music by Thijs van Leer

Music by Malcolm Dedman

Music by Malcolm Dedman


Moeilijkheidsgraad: 4

Moeilijkheidsgraad: 3/4

Moeilijkheidsgraad: 3/4


Duration: 18:45

Duration: 20:15









Sylvia” werd geschreven door Thijs van Leer en uitgebracht in 1972 op Focus 3, het derde album van Nederlandse rockband Focus. 

Het nummer werd een grote hit in Engeland en Amerika en  uiteraard in Nederland. 


Luc Jakobs vertaalde het nummer in een enerverende zetting voor gemengd koor.  


Thijs van Leer: “Aangenaam verrast door het speelse arrangement van mijn compositie "Sylvia" door arrangeur Luc Jakobs…” 



Programme notes for  

Christmas Cantata –   

“The Word was Made Flesh”  


This Cantata was originally written in 1975 for a commission by the

Birmingham Festival Choral Society,  

conductor Jeremy Patterson.   

It was first performed by them in December 1975 in St. Martin’s in the Bull Ring, Birmingham, in the United Kingdom.  

It has subsequently been revised in 2010.   


A review of the first performance, given by David Hart in the Birmingham Post,  

is as follows:   


‘The musical style is clear and direct and the choral writing has rhythmic vitality and ingenuity to give it a sense of purpose.  

Mr Dedman uses choral speaking, shouts and handclaps in an effective, ungratuitous way, too.   

His keen ear for texture is most apparent in the fascinating accompaniment which is scored for the unlikely combination of  

recorder and flute, percussion and organ.   

The sounds produced are dramatic, colourful, quite sensuous in an eastern sort of way and immediately attractive.’   


It is written for SATB choir with a soprano soloist from the choir, a male speaker with flute, doubling treble recorder, percussion and organ. The words are of the traditional Christmas story taken from the  

Jerusalem Bible, original version.   

The instrumental parts act less as  

an accompaniment, rather to supply added drama to the story and  

 instrumental colour. The Cantata is in seven movements:  

an instrumental Prelude depicting a vision of the beginning of time; ‘The Word’;  

‘The Annunciation’; ‘The Virginal Conception  

of Christ’; ‘Magnificat’; ‘The Birth of Jesus  

and Visit of the Shepherds’  

and an ‘Epilogue’.   


Malcolm Dedman 


Programme notes for 

Healing the Planet  


This is a Cantata for amateur choir (SATB), soprano, tenor and bass soloists, trumpet, organ and percussion. It is in four movements and last just over 20 minutes 

and was written in 2010, with finishing touches made in 2011.  


My purpose for writing this Cantata was to look at the questions about the environment, climate change, etc. from  

a spiritual perspective. I wrote most of the words as well as quoting from the writings of the Persian mystic ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Abbás Effendi and His grandson, Shoghi Effendi. 


The four movements are:  


1.      State of Crisis , a dialogue between the soprano and chorus highlighting the problems that mankind is causing the planet and recognising that it must be healed.     

2.      Change of Heart  opens with quotes from Shoghi Effendi, sung by the tenor soloist, that show how we need to reframe our conceptions, in particular, not to segregate the human heart from the environment. The chorus reacts and discusses the quotes.    

3.      Spiritual Revelation  opens with a quote from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, sung by the bass soloist, showing how the human heart should change. Again the chorus reacts to this and the soprano tries to bring understanding to the minds of the people.    

4.      Vision of the Future  is a setting of a quote from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá about how He sees the future for the planet, once mankind has understood and acted. Choir and soloists join in a united voice.    


The work as a whole is very dramatic and presents the conflict between human behaviour and both scientific and religious teachings. The three instruments are not mere accompaniments,  but add much colour and drama  to the text settings. 



Malcolm Dedman 


 Prijs: € 52,87 Inclusief BTW

Prijs: € 102,85 Inclusief BTW  

Prijs: € 133,10 Inclusief BTW 

Set 20 exemplaren

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Partituur + Partijen


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Bestel en Betaal Informatie

Bestel en Betaal Informatie


Daarna oplopend per 10 sets á € 3,00   
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