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Karoo Landscape

Five Bagatelles

Mavrud II

Flute & Percussion

Flute & Piano

Duo for Trombone & Percussion 

Malcolm Dedman

Malcolm Dedman

Dr. Clement Jewitt 

Level: 4

Level: 4

Level: 3/4 


Five Bagatelles

 Mavrud II

 Score Example

Score Example

Score Example 


Programme Notes for

 ‘Karoo Landscape’ 


This is written for flute (doubling alto flute) and percussion (vibraphone, temple blocks and bongos) and was written in 2011. The title is derived from having lived the Karoo region of South Africa since September 2007. 


Lasting just over 5 minutes, the piece

opens with flute and temple blocks alternating with accelerating and

decelerating phrases respectively.

Later, the vibraphone and flute are in similar dialogue. A fast rhythmic section             

follows with the flute initially taking the main melodic idea with bongo

accompaniment, but later the

vibraphone takes up the melody. The ideas are developedbefore the initialphrases are heard. The

piece ends calmly with alto flute and

vibraphone, played with a cello bow.


Malcolm Dedman


Programme Notes for

 ‘Five Bagatelles’ 


Five Bagatelles for flute and piano was

written in 1982 and minor revisions were

made in 2011. The total duration is 11.5 minutes.

The five movements represent music

from different regions of the world, without specific reference to any one country or region, with the exception of the final movement

which draws on Javanese Gamelan. 


The first movement is the most Western;

the second is based on 3 notes in the flute

and three chords in the piano, suggesting

drum rhythms, possible African; the third

is an exotic piece for flute solo; the fourth suggests an Arabic style and the fifth,

which is the most extended, draws on

various aspects

of the Gamelan.


Malcolm Dedman



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Programme Notes for

 ‘Mavrud II' 


MAVRUD II, like I, is loosely based on rãg Dipak, whose character is Fire. The relationship is not strict, though the opening is an unmeasured exploration of the notes, rather like the alãp of rãg. Thereafter Mavrud II goes its own way, though with some reference to rãg techniques.


Dr. Clement Jewitt   



Prijs: € 23,80 Inclusief BTW

Prijs: € 29,75 Inclusief BTW

Prijs: € 32,00 Inclusief BTW 


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